About Ortho 99 Plus 1

Ortho 99 Plus 1 was founded on the idea that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Our goal is to provide family-friendly orthodontics, in a comfortable environment at an affordable price. We understand that life is busy and patients appreciate an office that is punctual and delivers comprehensive orthodontics with convenient office hours. Ortho 99 Plus 1 offers extended hours during the week and has two Jacksonville locations. Our mission is to make world-class treatment available to everyone.

We strive to be the most affordable and most convenient but our passion is reaching those in need. The “99 + 1” initiative is the core of our beliefs. For every 99 cases we complete, we donate 1 case to a child or adolescent in need. At Ortho 99 Plus 1, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, and we are committed to doing our part to make that happen.

So Jesus told them this story:
“If a man has a hundred sheep and ONE of them gets lost, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others in the wilderness and go to search for the ONE that is lost until he finds it?” Luke 15:3-4